'…a hive of activity'

With the Johnny’s Gardeners programme we are developing a network of like-minded groups, individuals, companies & organisations who wish to participate in our revival+survival scheme.

We are currently involved with schools, inner-city land-share projects, freeholders and urban gardening groups and local groups in addition to local and international businesses.

We aim to expand this programme through our negotiations with local authorities and church groups and support from the Green Party in Scotland.

The Johnny’s Gardeners Programme is clearly aimed at the practical application of our aims – placing thriving bee colonies in urban settings, as well as further afield, in order to encourage honeybee growth and development.

If a business, individual or group has the will and the land we can place, and manage, their very own hive or simply support their efforts through provision of help and training.

A further benefit of the Johnny’s Gardeners programme is that it provides a vehicle for education and awareness.

Through our involvement with schools and local groups we can encourage a new generation of bee-keepers whilst involving urban farmers all serving to encourage people to think beyond their allotment and prize leeks.