Corporate Colonists

Our Corporate Colonists programme aims to employ the resources and profiles of the country’s best businesses, companies and corporations to support us in our general aims.

We aim to develop a network of Corporate Colonists who share our belief that the revival+survival of the honeybee is not only a worthwhile cause but is now a social and moral imperative that requires far more than grass roots participation.

We aim to attract those at the very heart of corporate society, those with a declared belief and interest in society’s well being, to join us in our efforts.

We believe that the mutual benefits are self-evident.

By linking our Corporate Colonists with the grass roots movements we can humanise the ecological efforts of each business, bringing them closer to the people’s own efforts and helping to create the global movement that is now necessary.

The Corporate Colonists program has two options: On-site or Off-site Colonies. With the on-site option Johnny’s Garden will supply and manage dedicated hives with bees in, on or around your business premises with minimal disturbance or difficulties.

As a Corporate Colonist you will receive your own branded honey along with honeycomb. You will also receive documentation testifying to your participation in our Corporate Colonists programme as well as use of our Corporate Colonists accreditation and branding.

Alternatively an off-site colony allows businesses without to keep bees and own hives at a distance. Corporate Colonists here will receive a reduced quantity of honey but receive full accreditation and information and access to the hives for their promotional purposes.